I’ve come to view you with fondness

The number has grown and it continues to do so. Are you all sure you have the right blog?

One reader left a comment saying she has come to enjoy reading not only my poems but my stories. Today while checking blog post and pages (in order to tweak, update, & revise) I came across her comment and I realized something I hadn’t before. These thank you letters —or post if you will—are the story portion she was referring to. I had completely blanked on the fact that within each thank you post I included some type of life story or account in order to familiarize those who stop by the blog with who’s behind it all.

I so try to make each thank you unique to the post at hand or else it becomes that redundant “thanks for the like and follow” creating this tag was designed to negate. Some may have wondered how come I don’t leave marks on everyones blog; this is why. I value greatly sincerity. And when one is sincere it automatically eliminates attempts to please the masses. Your blogs are important and valuable and I strongly believe if I have nothing of value to add other than, “thanks for the like and follow” I’m not being sincere. That isn’t to say it’s not worthy of remark I’m just saying you deserve better than a perfunctory one; we all do.

The fact that I receive likes and follows and the occasional comment is a big deal because you wouldn’t put your name on something you haven’t reviewed right? No one randomly goes around WordPress just clicking “like” to post they haven’t read. And neither will I comment on a post for the sake of commenting. I will if I have something to add to the conversation. Because isn’t that what our post are, conversations you’re invited to leave your opinion on?

Thank you for that. For helping me to see the value of those seeminly shadow-dwelling likes and follows. I know they are equal to if not greather than a comment sometimes. Because that means you’ll be back to pick up where we left off. Or to contribute your stamp of approval on the next topic at hand.

I definitely plan to do a better job at this when it comes to you all. Because you also, are deserving of my stamp when we are in agreement. ✉

Copyrighted © Davonna | DVon 6 | 19 | 16



7 thoughts on “I’ve come to view you with fondness

      • Appreciate your frankness. It’s really sad how WordPress is using all of us to promote their own thing. Please migrate to a dot-com account. You write very well. Regards


      • Glad to hear that. I like the WordPress platform because I encounter blogs I otherwise would not. However, you feel a pressure sometimes to “repay the favor” of others caring enough to read and it quickly grows perfunctory. I’ve thought of getting a dot-com but at the moment writing is a means to have an outlet rather than a career. I can’t justify it just yet.

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      • Sure..I agree! In my case, my tech-savvy teenage son set up the dotcom website for me! I’ll be keenly following your blog and here’s to a wonderful friendship of words! Best wishes, kaypius😃


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