The two years we’ve shared

I usually would write one of these post not only when I’ve reached a certain milestone of readers but a certain number of post between the last thank you post. But, the past few months I’ve been a bit more quite than usual and so I think you guys both new and consistently loyal deserve more displays of affection.

I was trying to think of what I could say and then I thought of when the bulk of you started reading and subscribing to my blog. Two years ago as of this month I began this new series QuiLL when I started it I had no idea how it would turn out, whether or not I would abandon it soon after starting, or how it would be received. There was a freedom in that. I had made up my mind once I came back from my hiatus prior to this series that if I did come back to the blog I would write what I feel and I would not allow public opinion to sway my words. This has not always been true but, it has been my gauge in which I’ve written.

I do take into account what my words project, and how others will view it but, I don’t let that mold what I say so much as I appreciate the response after I’ve said it.I love how interactive and international you guys as readers has made my blog feel. I’ve even had conversations with a few of you on one subject matter or another and I find that amazingly awesome. And by our various experiences (getting glimpses of you all’s writings) has helped me have a broader writing style than if I was viewing everything from my own perspective.

One of the things I love most when it comes to our interactions is when what I’ve said resonates with you all as readers. To know thoughts that have run through my mind, in my small part of the planet has also run through others minds in their neck of the woods is profound. That’s what I feel and what goes through my mind every time my alerts chirp out a new WordPress notification.

Thank you.



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