Hello old friend

I’ve been absent. Perhaps noticeably so and for that I thank you for your patience. While I can’t give you specific reasons (there isn’t one). I can say that I’m hoping to pick back up on my posting. For those of you who have stuck with me for a bit you’re more than use to my occasional lapses into silence before a quick about-face. 

As I often do I went through a introspective beat where I questioned where I wanted to go with this journal. I wondered if I should make it private, remove it, or start a new series of poems. When I realized I didn’t feel as if Quill was complete. For that as well as for those willing to hang around and catch up from time to time made me want to continue. But really; I’m here to record my thoughts whether they are well received or not and that is what clinched the decision for me.

If I close this blog tomorrow I’ll just open another in its place so why began anew without a genuine, valid reason to do so? I’ve been really slacking when it comes to reading others blogs. Honestly, I have a lot needing read in a given day and while I love reading, it’s just not feasible to read-all-the-things. I’d like to try to do better, however I won’t make a promise I’m likely to break.

So, hello old friend! (That means you reader) Did you miss me?



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